I’m Going to New York Fashion Week: Timo Weiland

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As you may have seen, I have been in the process of revamping my blog. I am proud to say that I am new owner of my own domain name! I have been writing for Adolescent Chic for over three years now and this blog has given me the opportunity to intern and work at fashion magazines, attend a multitude of fashion shows and interview a vast array of celebrities.

Today, I am covering Timo Weiland’s SS 2017 Women’s Presentation. Here we go:


Clothing: Timo Weiland, along with co-designers Donna Kang and Alan Eckstein, channeled the late 1980’s and 1990’s in this seasons women’s collection. The presentation was adorned by graphic prints, bold colors and flowing silhouettes. I am usually not a huge fan of a flared pant, however, I actually believe that looks 1 and 4 utilized the technique thoughtfully. I am not sure if this collection truly connected to the edgy and emotional aesthetic that was the 1990’s, but as far as wearability and tailoring goes, the collection was quite stellar.


Featured Look:


Accessories and Styling:


Accessories and Styling: The models wore an assortment of accessories including reflective sunglasses, oversized earrings, leather sandals and flat booties. The makeup consisted of purely neutral colors with an incredibly dewy finish. The hair was either made incredibly sleek with sheen spray and hair gel or placed into a messy bun to emulate that “I don’t give a care” 90’s do.


I hope you all enjoyed the post! I’m pretty much done with reviewing NYFW shows for the moment, so I will be sending out some new, original content in the next few weeks. I’ll see you all soon!

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I’m Going to New York Fashion Week: Thaddeus O’Neil

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In celebration of this upcoming S/S 2017 NYFW, I decided to cover a show that I attended but was unable to properly report due to time constraints. Thaddeus O’Neil’s SS16 presentation was deemed a “Disco Sea Party”, adorned with imported palm trees, beach supplies, sand and tropical beverages. The clothing reflected the theme with an assortment of vacation worthy attire. Here we go!


Accessories and Styling: As stated previously, the collection concentrated on keeping a lax, surfer-like ambiance. The models were styled with sun hats, beach accessories and even light weight instruments. For the female and androgynous models, the makeup included a copper and golden smokey eye, bronzed skin and peach blush. Their hair was put into beach waves – cementing their status as beach royalty.


Clothing: The clothing including a set of island-inspired prints, from palm tree shorts to pineapple blouses, patterned bikini tops and neoprene ensembles. Most of the fabric choices were lightweight and breathy – a perfect choice for a day on the beach. My favorite outfit was the printed empire waist mini dress that the last model wore. I love the drama that the conflicting patterns bring to the look!

Favorite Look!


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I’m Going to New York Fashion Week!: Ohne Titel

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I am so sorry for being MIA for over four months, but this time I actually had a good excuse: I started my first semester of college! University has been an absolutely amazing experience – and going to school in a city like New York City has just added to the magic. Due to my hectic schedule, I wasn’t able to post my #NYFW posts as quickly as I would have liked, however, there is no time like the present. During the next few weeks I will be posting reviews from shows such as Thaddeus O’neil, Concept Korea and GIVENCHY. But today, let’s get started with the wonderful Ohne Titel!






Hair and Makeup: Ohne Titel is a womenswear line designed by the power duo of Alexa Adams and Flora Gill. The stylists most likely used hair gel, sheen spray and salt water in order to give each girl a certain “wet look” in relation to their hair. The designers decided to keep the makeup simple in order to keep the attention on the clothes. I personally loved the styling of the hair, however, I wish that the makeup artists would have used a more metallic look rather than go ultra natural.






Accessories: The stylists used solid colored strapped heels and matching jewelry in order to enhance each look. My favorite utilization of styling has to be with the fourth look, as the beaded necklace and matching heel adds to the green gown without overpowering it. Overall, I felt that the accessories were a very successful aspect of the show.






Clothing: Clothing is by far the most important part of any fashion show. The Ohne Titel SS 2016 collection utilized colors inspired by spring, such as sea foam green, rose red and dandelion gold. The silhouettes were primarily loose and flowy for the warmer months, while the collection also bragged clean lines and perfect seams. All in all, I felt as if the Ohne Titel collection is one for the memory books.

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New Videos Up – BookTube-A-Thon Video Challenge #1 and BookTube-A-Thon TBR!!!

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It is August 3rd – which means that BookTube-A-Thon has officially begun! The first video challenge is the Domino challenge – and my video is below:

Also, I am halfway done Assasin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas. Hopefully I will be done by tonight and be able to stay on schedule. Here is a link to my TBR pile:

I am so ready for this week and I will see you all later!

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New Videos Up – BookTube-A-Thon TBR and $50 Giveaway!!!

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I just posted a new video on my BookTube Channel Literature Liaisons – my TBR for BookTube-A-Thon 2015. I am so excited because this is the first readathon that I will be participating in! Please subscribe to my channel if you like what you see:

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Thank you so much for watching and I hope you like what you see!

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New Videos Up – BookTube Newbie Tag and $50 GIVEAWAY!!!!

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I just posted two new videos on my YouTube channel Literature Liaisons!

My first video is a video explaining my giveaway – my $50 VISA Gift Card Giveaway!!! You can read more about the rules regarding the giveaway here.

My second video serves as both my introduction to the community and my first tag – the BookTube Newbie Tag!!!

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EXCITING NEWS – International $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!!!

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Yesterday, I am glad to say that my blog reached its two-year anniversary here on WordPress! Even though I haven’t been able to post regularly for the last six months or so, Adolescent Chic has and will always have a special place in my heart. However, as I grow, I find that the scope of my interest also follows the same path.

In order to commemorate this blog’s anniversary, along with thank you – my loyal subscribers – for all of the support that you have granted me in the last few years, I am hosting a giveaway!!! Today, I will be giving away a $50 Visa Gift Card. The reason that I chose to give away a Visa Gift Card instead of a fashion or beauty related item is because as my interest begin to expand, I also feel obligated to give away a prize that can be used for an array of interests. Here we go:

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College Confidential Part 1: Standardized Testing (SAT, ACT, AP….)!!!

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I cannot apologize enough for being AWOL for a whopping three months! From school work to extracurricular activities and college applications, I have been more than swamped with large amounts of work. However, I only have one more final exam to complete before I graduate high school and prepare to set off to University next fall! Some of my younger readers have been asking for advice regarding applying to college and I decided to create a new series called College Confidential that is dedicated to giving out tips and advice regarding college applications. Today, I will start off the series with one of the first tangible facets of the college application process: standardized test! Here we go:


Tip #1: Purchase study materials – workbooks, flashcards, CD-ROM programs and etc.

This step should be done during either your sophomore year or the summer between your sophomore and junior year of high school. I found that through reviewing the material found in the books for a period of about three to six hours a week was imperative in increasing my scores. I suggest Gruber’s, Barron’s and the Princeton Review!

Tip #2: Join a prep class or hire a private tutor. 

In order to gain admission to some of the more selective colleges in the country, a student’s test scores should be at a certain standard. Sometimes, workbooks and studying aren’t enough and outside assistance is needed. Huntington Learning Center and local universities are always a great resource for these types of lessons. Be forewarned that some of these classes can be very expensive, so have a true conversation with either your parents and/or guidance counselor before taking this tip.

Tip #3: Decide which tests you are going to take – every tester is unique!

Depending on where you live, there is usually a misconception as to which of the two preeminent standardized test carry more weight in college decisions. On both the east coast and the west coast, the Scholastic Aptitude Test, better known as the SAT, is seen as the “stronger” exam. In the midwestern region, the American College Testing, better known as the ACT, is seen as the “stronger” exam. In reality, each test is viewed equally. I suggest that you take both tests at least once, and then use that experience to decide which test is better for you. Here is a great article about each test!


Tip #4: Take as many practice exams as humanly possible! 

I cannot emphasize this tip enough – practice exams are some of the best ways to study for standardized test out there. Through answering questions similar to those found on the tests, your mind will begin to think like an exam grader. I also suggest grading yourself HONESTLY after each test – these scores will help you assess how to shape your test taking abilities in order to get a higher score.

Tip #5: Take at least one practice exam in a testing environment. 

This can be done at either a school or tutoring center. Even though completing practice exams at home can be very helpful, you will never take the SATs on your private desk in your bedroom. These tests will emulate the true exam in both content and environment – and will lead to a more accurate depiction of your score.


Tip #6: Take care of your physical and mental health before and after the exam

Make sure to take regular breaks between studying, eat right and have a good night sleep before any exam. I have seen fellow students put their minds and bodies through the ringer in preparation for the exams, and I would not suggest it to anyone. Know that your health, both physically and emotionally, is more important than any exam!

Tip #7: Take the exam and see how you do!

Now that you have studied up and had a good night’s rest, it is time to take the exam. Remember to stay calm yet alert in order to correctly answer all the questions, and don’t get too down on yourself if your first score isn’t as high as you wished for. You are allowed to take the exams as many times as you want!


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I’m Going to Mercedes-Benz/MADE Fashion Week!: Rebecca Minkoff Overview + GIVEAWAY!!!

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RM 3

Welcome to my first post about my experience at New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015! I wasn’t able to post as heavily during last season due to some scheduling conflicts, but I have some truly incredible collections to show you this time around! As I said in my overview of the David Tlale FW 2014 Collection (which I wrote almost an entire year ago!), the beauty of fashion week is there are times that you can get into shows that you weren’t originally invited to. I was able to get into the Rebecca Minkoff show through standing room and a very kind member of the band. Here we go:

RM 1

RM 2

Music: Rebecca Minkoff is one of the few presentations that always utilizes live music in all of her fashion presentations. This year’s band was possibly the most talented and well suited for the collection that I have ever experienced. The collection, which was inspired by the 1970’s hippie movement and the punk rock era, was heavily complimented by the 70’s inspired music that also had a modern twist. The sultry vocals and jazzy atmosphere was perfect for the entire presentation.

RM 5

RM 6

Beauty: After doing some researching regarding Mrs. Minkoff’s inspiration for her fall collection, I learned that she was inspired by the Chelsea Hotel girls, including iconic names such as Janis Joplin and Grace Slick. The girls hair was left in messy, long and grungy waves, while their makeup consisted of bold eyeliner, rose gold eyeshadow and neutral lips. All in all, the beauty aspects of the show perfectly fit the era that Minkoff attempted, and succeeded, in conveying.

RM 7

RM 8

RM 9

Clothing: While the presentation and the styling are very important components of any fashion show, the clothing is by far paramount in importance. The collection was absolutely breathtaking. With an emphasis on luxurious outerwear consisting of tweed and suede, flowing chiffon tops and maxi skirts, modern-day capes with fringe and impeccable use of leather, the Rebecca Minkoff FW 2015 Fashion Show was incredible. I hope to see the articles presented at this show worn by fashionistas of all backgrounds in months to come.



This is just a few photos that I took while at the show. My Charlotte Ronson overview should be up sometime tonight. Also, remember that my giveaway for a $50 Forever 21 Gift Card is still open here!!!!

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Exciting News – International $50 Forever 21 Gift Card Giveaway!!!

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So, as you may know, I have been blogging for about one and a half years. In that time, I have accumulated over 7,500 followers on all of my platforms, connections with a wide array of fashion companies, become a professional fashion correspondent for an incredible television company and have participated in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York twice ! It is thanks to you, all of my followers, that I have been able to change from that shy 16 year old girl blogging in my bedroom to an actual fashion journalist. So, as a thank you to everyone, I am having a giveaway – which you can enter here !!! Here we go:

Forever 21 Gift Card

Remember that you can enter the giveaway here: Adolescent Chic International $50 Gift Card Giveaway !
 Since I can’t really show swatches with with a gift card, I’m just going to shed some light on some awesome bloggers and models with Forever 21 outfits!
F21 Outfit 1
This is a beautiful Forever 21 – purchased outfit by the amazing beauty blogger Alina. The post can be found here!
F21 Outfit 2
This is a fantastic all black ensemble by Vanessa Cesario at The Brunette Salad utilizes Forever 21 items for everything except for the shoes. The photo was uploaded on Chictopia, and can be found here.
F21 Outfit 4
I am in love with this Forever 21 red plaid dress paired with the a pair of Forever 21 black sandals. You can find more of these awesome outfit pairings at Upbeat Soles!I wish you all luck as you enter my giveaway!
Also, please feel free to comment below what future posts you would like to see and read the Terms and Conditions of the giveaway here and ENTER HERE at a Rafflecopter giveaway.
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